Trains to Denmark

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Facts about Denmark

  • Currency: Krone (DKK)
  • Timezone: 1+ UTC
  • Language: Danish; German-speaking minority in Jutland

Travelling by train in Denmark is by far the easiest way to get around the country. Comfortable trains operate at regular intervals, usually hourly, on principal routes. Don’t be deceived by Denmark’s modest proportions. Not every journey is just a short hop. For example, the journey by train from Copenhagen to the Jutland port of Frederikshavn takes almost six hours.

Denmark is a country where many large cities – including the capital Copenhagen – are on islands. But long gone are the days when passengers had to switch repeatedly from train to ferry and back. Modern bridges have largely made the ferries redundant, but not entirely. If you are following the main route from Hamburg to Copenhagen, you’ll find your entire train shunted onto a ferry for the 45-minute crossing from the German island of Fehmarn to the Danish island of Lolland. This oddity, coupled with the fine coastal landscapes on either side of the ferry link, make the route one of Europe’s most memorable rail journeys.

Danish trains are tailor-made for relaxation. Speeds are modest, but that’s all to the good in a country that has a quiet, seductive beauty. Take time to explore the deeply rural landscapes of Jutland and the scatter of islands that make up the Danish archipelago.

The main train operator is the state-run Danske Statsbaner, commonly abbreviated to DSB, though a dense network of local routes in west and north Jutland is managed by Arriva Trains. A wide range of tickets (including cheap promotional offers) are available for trains to Denmark via Germany on our site and app. In 2018, we started offering a much wider range of tickets for domestic rail journeys within Denmark.

For travellers from western and central Europe, the main rail routes to Denmark lead inevitably through the German city of Hamburg, from where DSB offers between six and ten direct trains each day (the number varies by season) to destinations in Denmark. From Copenhagen there are regular direct trains to the Swedish city of Malmö, little more than half an hour away on the other side of the Øresund. Many of these trains from Copenhagen venture deeper into Sweden. There are half a dozen services each day to Stockholm, and also regular services to Göteborg from where there are convenient onward connections to Oslo.

Child and youth passengers

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