French general strike from 5th December. For updates and information read here.
Spring trains available now

Spring trains available now

Spring and early summer trains across France and to other neighbouring countries are now on sale.

In November 2019, SNCF opened bookings for trains across France for travel in spring and early summer 2020. International services to/from France opened at the same time: TGV Lyria (France-Switzerland), TGV, France-Italy, TGV Alleo (France-Germany) and Renfe-SNCF (France-Spain) for travel between 9 March and 3 July 2020.

If you haven't already, search for trains now and secure the best price. The earlier you book, the lower the price will be. With lots of seasonal treats ahead, you could enjoy an early summer trip to one of Europe's many coastlines. visit a city you haven't gone to before such as Bordeaux or Venice, or spend some time in one city such as ParisBarcelona or Madrid so that you can take in the many day trips on their doorsteps.  No wonder everyone is saying that the biggest trend in travel for this new decade is going to be that of people opting for trains over planes. We take you to the heart of Europe's heritage, with low fuss and low carbon, but high levels of adventure and high-speed. 

Image credit: High-speed train view from window iStock ©Vex Collective 

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