Our story

Before changing names to Rail Europe in November 2019, our company was known as Loco2. It was launched in 2012 by a team of committed train travellers, led by brother and sister Jamie and Kate Andrews. They chose the name Loco2 as a play on words 'Low CO2'. Their main aim was to simplify the UK and European train booking process, so helping travellers to ditch the plane for a lower-carbon journey by rail.


In 2012 there was no website or app where you could book train travel from anywhere in Britain to other European countries - a one-stop-shop for low carbon travel was what the founders hoped for, and that is what they succeeded in creating. Then came the tricky part of securing suitable contracts with rail operators to start selling tickets. Realising how important France is to the geography of Europe's rail network, SNCF came first, then Deutsche Bahn in Germany, followed by Britain, Spain and then Italy.


Selling tickets for well over 100 different train and bus operators, Loco2 became part of the French OUI.sncf Group which, in turn, allocated resources to get to the next stage of the journey. With Loco2 now firmly ensconced in the heart of the UK and European rail industry, Kate and Jamie Andrews moved on to pursue new ventures in 2018.


Loco2 website and apps change tracks and take the new name of Rail Europe. Rail Europe has also been part of OUI.sncf group since 2013 and this newly branded website and app continue to have the same look and feel as the ‘formerly Loco2’ ones. In addition there are more train geeks behind the scene, all doing what they do best - getting travellers to the places they need to get to, quickly and easily.