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Travelling on a EuroNight train

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Cross Europe on a EuroNight train in the comfort of crisp, clean sheets and the security of a sleeping car. Overnight trains save on hotel costs and you wake, refreshed and ready for breakfast, in another country. Most EuroNight trains also cater for budget travellers with cheaper couchettes and regular seated accommodation.

EuroNight (EN) trains are the nocturnal equivalent of Eurocity (EC) services. Like their EuroCity siblings, they can be found throughout much of central Europe. These trains usually operate across borders - the only exceptions are a few EN services which make journeys wholly within Austria.

All but a handful of EuroNight services (e.g. those from Paris and Nice to Moscow) also have couchettes (more basic than a real sleeping berth) and Standard Class seating. On some journeys (e.g. Cologne to Warsaw), the seats may recline for greater comfort but they’re unlikely to be as comfortable as a berth in a sleeper or couchette. The quality of sleeping cars varies considerably. Some of the best are those operated by RZD Russian Railways on their flagship routes from Russia to France. But you’ll also find comfortable EuroNight trains originating in Italy, Austria and Germany.

The fare for sleepers (and occasionally couchettes) sometimes includes a continental-style breakfast and tea or coffee. You normally need to reserve your journey on a EuroNight service in advance.

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Seating and sleeping on EuroNight

Standard Seat

For the young and agile or the old and brave, EuroNight trains offer regular seating in Standard Class compartments or open-plan carriages. The latter might also have reclining seats. Even budget-conscious travellers should consider opting at least for a couchette. In carriages with seats, lights may or may not be dimmed for night-time travel. Go prepared with earplugs and an eye mask.

Food and drink on EuroNight

Train attendant

When no buffet or restaurant is available, it is usually possible to buy snacks and hot or cold drinks from the train attendant. You can also bring your own food and drink on board and have supper in the comfort of your compartment or at your seat.

Child and youth passengers

The definition of "Child" and "Youth" varies by country and operator. This is why we ask for the age of young passengers.

Sometimes children below a certain age can travel without a seat for free. If you want to guarantee a seat for child passengers, enter '6' as the age of the child.

Read more about child and youth passenger ages. See also youth discounts and railcards.