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  • Regional train
  • Switzerland

The term InterRegio refers to a type of European trains which links regions within a country. Usually abbreviated as IR, they stand between a Regional Express and an Intercity when it comes to speed and service. As a rule of thumb, InterRegio services are more upmarket in Switzerland and more basic in Belgium, Hungary, Portugal and Poland.

In Poland, InterRegio trains are used on long-distance routes. They are, however, not as fast as Intercity services. In Germany there are a limited number of InterRegio Express (IRE) trains, which share routes with Regional Express services.

InterRegio trains often consist of older carriages – except in Switzerland, where high-quality trains are regularly deployed on IR routes. Yet even older IR carriages are generally comfortable and have good luggage space. Seat reservation is usually not possible. Air-conditioning is not standard. In Poland and Hungary IR trains are Standard Class only.

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Seating and sleeping on InterRegio

Standard Class

Standard Class seating on InterRegio services can be in open-plan carriages or in six-seat compartments. Some trains, particularly in Switzerland or on IRE routes in Germany, have double-deck carriages. Luggage space is available at the end of each carriage or in racks above seats.

Food and drink on InterRegio

Trolley Service

On some Swiss InterRegio trains, a trolley service offers snacks and hot and cold drinks at your seat, including freshly brewed Lavazza coffee. Examples are the trains between Zurich and Luzern and Luzern and Geneva. A trolley service also exists on a small number of InterRegio Express (IRE) services in Germany, for example on the IRE train between Berlin and Hamburg.

Child and youth passengers

The definition of "Child" and "Youth" varies by country and operator. This is why we ask for the age of young passengers.

Sometimes children below a certain age can travel without a seat for free. If you want to guarantee a seat for child passengers, enter '6' as the age of the child.

Read more about child and youth passenger ages. See also youth discounts and railcards.